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100% Speedlab (51002-003-02) RACECRAFT/ACCURI/STRATA Replacement Lens Smoke Anti-Fog (Mirror Red, Free Size)

100% Speedlab (51002-003-02) RACECRAFT/ACCURI/STRATA Replacement Lens Smoke Anti-Fog (Mirror Red, Free Size)

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  • Arm yourself with the most secure lens retention system in motocross.
  • The 100% 9-pin system raises the bar with the highest number of contact points for a lens retention system.
  • More than any other goggle in the industry.
  • Attack the track with the confidence to take on anything that comes your way.Replacement Lexan(r) lens for all 100% Racecraft, Accuri and Strata goggles.Anti-fog treatment.All lenses complete with tear-off posts.Each tint has specific uses and benefits:Cl
  • Ideal for medium to low light.Yellow: Perfect for low light conditions.
  • Brand: 100%

Product Description

  • Superior Vision System for Extreme Motorsports Conditions
  • Anti-Fog Coated
  • Designed to Fit 100% Accuri and Racecraft Goggles

  • Colors/Finishes:
  • Clear: All Purpose Lens Provides Maximum Amount of Light Allowance for All Conditions
  • Blue: Increased Contrast for Varying Conditions - Ideal for Medium to Low Light
  • Yellow: Perfect for Flat, Low Light Conditions - This Lens Improves the Contrast and Definition of Any Obstacle You Encounter
  • Smoke: Neutral Tint Reduces Glare While Providing Accurate Color Perception in Medium to Bright Light Conditions
  • Orange: Increased Depth Perception and Contrast - Great for Overcast Conditions
  • Persimmon: Ideal for Overcast Conditions - Depth Perception Is Improved With Increased Contrast
  • Mirrored: Mirrored Finish Offers the Maximum Reduction of Glare in Bright Light Conditions for Improved Performance and Visibility