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The Most Traveled Man on Earth

The Most Traveled Man on Earth

Brand: The Village Press
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  • Brand: Brand: The Village Press
  • Author: Llewellyn Morgan Toulmin
  • Manufacture: The Village Press

Product Description

The Most Traveled Man on Earth is a non-fiction book that describes the two men vying for this title, and other contenders who are trying to visit literally every country, sovereign territory and other separate territory on Earth. It answers the question of What IS a country? and provides three different lists of the countries on Earth, as defined by three sources--The Travelers Century Club, International Travel News, and The book then describes the adventures of the author in trying to catch The Most Traveled Men -- author Lew Toulmin has traveled to 135 countries and 25 other sovereign or semi-sovereign territories. His adventures include: *Searching for and finding the real Bali Hai of South Pacific fame * Visiting Pitcairn Island and meeting the descendants of HMS Bounty mutineers * Being recruited by the KGB * Exploring the world's newest country, East Timor ( Timor Leste ) and interviewing the first First Lady, a former ballerina and spy * Losing weight in Bangkok by having his belly slapped -- 20000 times! * Running with the bulls at Pamplona -- the inner game * Sailing aboard Amistad and other tall ships across three oceans * Participating in the Great Race (4000 miles across America) in a genuine 1968 Bullitt Mustang * The search for Brian Boru, High King of All Ireland in the year 1000, and locating his traces in Ireland today * World's worst disasters and ten major disaster myths * Burmese leg-rowing -- don't try this at home * Crimes against genealogy * What really happened on the Bridge over the River Kwai * The real characters behind Out of Africa * And other exotic but true tales from every continent