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Unique Marine Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment - 32 oz. | Liquefies Waste and Eliminates Odors Without Masking | For Black and Gray Tanks | No Strong Fragrances

Unique Marine Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment - 32 oz. | Liquefies Waste and Eliminates Odors Without Masking | For Black and Gray Tanks | No Strong Fragrances

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  • DIGESTS SOLID WASTE With Marine Digest-It you can stop worrying about clogs and backups. Our safe, earth friendly formula works quickly to liquefy waste so your tanks empty easily and never backup. You can even stop using expensive 1-ply toilet paper!
  • ELIMINATES ODORS WITHOUT MASKING Many products claim they remove odors and they don’t. They mask smells with foul fragrances or simply don’t work. Marine Digest-It works fast to eliminate odors in holding tanks using the perfect bacteria-enzyme blend.
  • CLEANS SENSORS AND LUBRICATES SEALS AND VALVES Marine Digest-It’s non-toxic, earth friendly formula contains advanced cleaners that ensure your level gauges remain working properly and your valves and seals stay lubricated and working properly.
  • FORMALDEHYDE FREE Stop using products with dangerous chemicals and overpowering fragrances that only mask smells and cause backups. Completely eliminate odors and digest waste using the most advanced probiotic-enzyme strains available with Marine Digest-It.
  • BEST WORKING FORMULA Why does it work so well? Marine Digest-It employs the strongest, most advanced strains of bio-cleaners available in the highest concentrations so you get a premium quality product at an incredibly low price. No watering down!
  • Brand: Unique

Product Description

**Common Questions:**

**Does Marine Digest-It work in Salt Water?**
Yes, our bio-enzymatic formulas are specially designed to remain active in
fresh or salt water.

**Is Marine Digest-It safe for marine life and the environment?**
Yes, our formulas contain naturally occurring bacteria and natural ingredients
that are safe for marine life and the environment and pose no threat or risk
when dumping directly into the ocean.

**Is Marine Digest-It safe for my boat?**
Yes, there are no caustic chemical or destructive ingredients that will harm
plastic, metal, fiberglass, or wood in Marine Digest-It.

**Is Marine Digest-It safe to handle?**
Yes, Marine Digest-It's naturally occurring probiotic formula contains no
caustic chemicals or dangerous additives and is safe for people, pets, your
plumbing, and the environment. Be cautious of products that are vague about
their ingredients or list words like "organic" on their labels. Just because a
product contains naturally existing ingredients, it doesn't mean that it is
certified organic. Most of these products are not certified or approved as
safe or organic by any regulatory groups and many contain caustic, dangerous
chemicals that are dangerous to your health and damaging to the environment
and they fail to warn you of these risks.

**How many gallons will Marine Digest-It treat?**
2 oz. of Marine Digest-It treats 10 gallons of black or gray water. Keep in
mind that the bacteria that are actively digesting waste and filling your
tanks with air freshening aerobic bacteria are alive and create colonies that
reproduce and grow. As long as there is a food source for the bacteria (human
waste, grease, carbohydrates, etc.) they will continue to thrive, digest
waste, and reproduce. If you are not rinsing your tanks there is residual
bacteria that is thriving in your tanks and continue to grow the colonies
until they are flushed out or killed with sanitizers or cleaners.

**Will Marine Digest-It eliminate odors?**
Yes, our formulas contain billions of active aerobic bacteria that go to work
forcing out the anaerobic bacteria that are created in our stomach gut and
therefore end up in our tanks. These anaerobic bacteria release hydrogen
sulfide gas - that nasty, rotten egg methane smell you get from your toilet -
as they break down human waste. Our specially formulated aerobic bacteria
displace the anaerobic bacteria and release carbon dioxide as they break down
the waste, eliminating that infamous and disgusting "toilet odor".

**Will Marine Digest-It break down solid waste?**
Yes, it will! Our proprietary bacteria-enzyme blend goes to work fast to break
down and liquefy the waste making pumpouts a breeze. With each treatment of
Marine Digest-It you get the highest concentrations or the best bacteria
strains that are designed specifically for holding tanks in marine
applications. Many competitor products use low grade, generic bacteria that
are simply a waste or money. Marine Digest-It's blend contains the highest
quality bacteria strains blended into the best possible formula that are
specifically designed for boat heads and holding tanks. No generic or low
grade ingredients here!

**Why does Marine Digest-It work better than everything else?**
Because we add the highest quality ingredients, in the strongest
concentrations, with scientifically developed strains of the highest caliber
probiotics. Simply put, we don't water down our products with low quality
ingredients or use generic bacteria. We go to great lengths and expense to
make sure that every ingredient is the right ingredient and that they are in
the strongest concentrations possible.

**Can the bacteria in my holding tank be killed and rendered ineffective?**
It can. Bacteria are the engine of Marine Digest-It that digest your waste and
eliminate your odors, but they can be killed by improper use of your waste
water systems. Pouring chemical cleaners, anti-bacterial soaps, bleach, and
even natural anti-bacterial cleaners like tea tree oil down your toilets or
drains can kill nature's little waste digesters, leading to backups, clogs,
and odors. Cleaning your toilet with bleach or chemical toilet cleaners is the
fastest and easiest way to kill the beneficial bacteria in your tank. Not only
will this lead to problems but it's neutralizing all of your treatments,
rendering them ineffective and ultimately a waste of money. It is highly
recommended that you discontinue allowing damaging products to wash down your
drains and that you clean your toilets with a boat or RV toilet cleaner that
is designed specifically to benefit the bacteria in your tanks.

**About Marine Digest-It**
Marine Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment is an ocean friendly, safe product
that packs a powerful punch. Using billions of healthy bacteria, Marine
Digest-It will liquefy the solid waste in your holding tank including
household toilet paper and eliminate disgusting tank odors quickly.

This inexpensive and effective natural cleaning product completely eliminates
odors and clogs in your boats holding tanks, making pump-outs a breeze.

It is also a great solution for ridding your bilge area of odors. If you're
worried about the effects of treatments on ocean life and the environment,
you'll never have to worry about putting harsh chemicals in your tank again.
Every ingredient in Marine Digest-It is safe for humans, animals and the
environment. You'll love this product, we guarantee it